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What is Ethical Hacking? Who is Ethical Hacker?

We all heard of Hacking and Hackers in news. We think that Hacking is a bad thing and Hacker is a bad person. But you're not completely true. Hacking is not bad thing but when anyone Hack for a bad thing, then it's not good.

Well In this Post, we're going to tell you all about Ethical Hacking. So let's Begin...

What is an Ethical Hacker? An Ethical Hacker is a person who Have in a system or network legally, ethically and with a proper permission. Ethical Hacker is defined as a person who works for a particular organisation. An Ethical Hacker hacks into a system or a network to check out it's vulnerabilities and security problems. He also checks it's security's penetration power.
Ethical Hacker is also known as “White hat Hacker”. What is Ethical Hacking?Apart from testing works, ethical hackers are associated with other responsibilities. The main idea is to replicate a malicious hacker at work and instead of exploiting the vulnerabilities for malicious pur…
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Technical Facts 2 : Top 10 Facts related to Technology

In this article, I am going to tell you Top 10 Facts related to Technology. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter. Let's get started...

Now a days, we are using the pen drives having storage of 32GB and 128GB. But the First Harddisk named IBM 1311 have size of about a Washing Machine and have storage only of 5 MB. So huge!!!Normally, humans blink their eyes about 20 times but when they are using computer, they only blink for 7 times.The Windows we all use in our PCs is a project of Microsoft. In the beginning of this project this was named as “Interface Manager”, later on it was changed to “Windows”.In a month, an average of 6000 computer viruses are developed.The USB drive which completely damage a computer system is known as USB Killer.The first 1 GB hard drive was announced by IBM in 1980 which costs about 2 crore rupees.The 12 Engineers group who development first computer of IBM named as "The Dirty Dozens".The first microprocessor which was designed by Intel was …

Best Ways to Earn Money without any Investment

Today, there are many ways to earn money online but only few prices know the best ways to earn money online. Making money online is not a big task, if you have good skills then you can make easy money.

1. Website or Blog Blogging is the best and recommended option to earn money for long time.There are my CMS companies that allow you to start and do free blogging like, WordPress, Blogger, Joomla etc.
2. Freelancing If you have good skills in any specific fields, then you can earn a big amount by providing your services. There are many websites in this field like Freelancer, Odex, Fiverr etc.
3. Uploading & Sharing Files There are lots of PPD(Pay Per Download) sites, you just have to do is to upload your Files to these sites and you will get a link to share. When people click on your  link they will go for a survey before any download so when people complete the survey, then you get paid. Like FileIce.Net.

4. Affiliate Marketing There is another way of earning money online is . In …

What is 3D Printing? How it Works?

A 3D printer can't make objects magically on demand. But day-by-day upgrading 3D printing machines begun to revolutionize the business of making things in this real world.
Working of 3D Printer 3D printers come in action by following some computer's digital instructions to "print" make(print) by the use of materials like plastic, ceramics and metal too. 3D printing process involves making an object layer by layer. For instance, few 3D printers eject out a stream of heated, semi-liquid plastic that solidifies as the printer's head moves around to create the outline of each layer within the object.

All instructions followed by 3D printers in form of computer-aided design (CAD) files — digital blueprints for making many kind of objects. A person can easily design an object on their computer, using 3D modeling software, connect the computer to any 3D printer, and the watch the 3D printer making the object in front of you.

History of 3D Printing Chuck Hull is the inv…

What is a Monitor? Types of Monitors

Monitor is the most common form of output from a computer. In this place information in the cemetery to that phone on a television screen. The picture on a monitor made up of thousands of tiny colored dots called pixels.
Types of Monitors1. Cathode Ray Tube The CRT works in the same way as a television - it contains an electron gun at the back of the glass tube. This fires electrons at groups of Phosphorus dots, which coat the inside of the screen. When the electrons strike the Phosphorus dots they grow in to give colours. 2. Liquid Crystal DisplayLiquid Crystal is the material used to create each pixel on the screen. The material has a special property — it can ‘polarise’ light depending on the electrical charge across it. This feature allows the pixels to be created. Each tiny cell of liquid Crystal is a pixel.
TFT(Thin Film Transistor) is the device within each pixel that sets the charge. And so sometimes they called “Liquid Crystal Display” referring to the material is the use all th…

How to download Aadhaar Card online?

As we all know Aadhaar card is a very important identification card. It is the mostly used identity everywhere in India. Think about it, when your Aadhaar card is lost then what to do, you have to go to government office and stand in a long-long queue and wait for your turn. No, you don’t have do this because you can easily get your Aadhaar card online, and you can also download it and take a printed copy of it. So in this post I am going to explain the procedure of getting your Aadhaar card online. So let’s begin… How to get your Aadhaar card online1. Visit to UIDAI websiteUIDAI is the official website for Aadhaar Card. On this website you’ll able to Download Aadhaar card, update Aadhaar card at a place. You can also get Aadhar Card Status Enquiry Phone Number from the same Government website. 2. Retrieve your UID/EID On the UIDAI website, you will be able to see a lot of options but to obtain Aadhar Card Print; you will have to select the ‘Retrieve Lost UID/EID‘ button. The UID refe…

Top 5 Online YouTube video downloading tools

We all probably watch movie trailers, gaming video, and other type of videos on YouTube. You get videos related to any topic you want. But if you want to download them, there is no direct download button there. But thanks to the online softwares available online which let you download the videos to your hard drive. Today, I am sharing the list of best online YouTube video donwloading software which let you download videos without any problem. Top 5 Online YouTube video downloadersClipConverter ClipConverter is always my favorite tool for Downloading YouTube videos. Just copy the URL of desirable video from YouTube and browser At the “Media URL to Download” box, just paste your YouTube video URL and click continue. After that hit the “Download” button and the video will be available to download in front of you. You can download YouTube videos in HD, MP4, 3GP, MP3, AAC etc.
KeepVid KeepVid is the second fast tool to download YouTube videos instantly. It’s similar to Cli…