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How to turn off the Flash messages in Vodafone?

Now-a-days a mobile phone  plays an important role in our life. We all do calling, messaging and even browse internet through our mobile phones. Mobile Phone's are replaced with Smartphones which will let you do a lot more than a simple mobile phone. We browse Internet, do chatting and even visually interact with our friends and relatives through video calling.

For using our mobile phones or Smartphones we all need a Telecom service which will let me help in Calling, Messaging and Internet Browsing. Whenever these Telecom service providers launches any new offer they again and again send the offers either through messages or through flash messages. Sometimes it's quite annoying.

So, say goodbye to these annoying flash messages, because Today, I will be telling you How you can stop these Flash messages, if you're using Vodafone Telecom services, so, read this full article to let you know how you can turn off Flash messages in your mobile phone(or Smartphone).

How to Turn off the Vodafone Flash messages?

On your SmartPhone(or mobile phone), go to Sim Toolkit.

If you're using Two SIMs in your phone, then both of them are shown there. You have to click on Vodafone Services.

It will open the Vodafone services menu for you and from here click on FLASH!

Now in the Flash settings page, you will click on Activation option.

Now click on Deactivate button.

You will see a confirmation popup and you have to click on OK!

That's it! You have successfully deactivated Vodafone Flash Messages.

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