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What is Internet? What does Internet provide? Internet Terminology

Internet is one of the Best Technologies gifted to mankind in the present scenario. It has bought the entire world at your fingertips.

  • Communication has given rapid growth to business worldwide
  • It has revolutionized the whole world and made computers the most effective communication tool.
  • Internet gives us access to information on almost every subject.

What is Internet?

Internet stands for international network. Internet is a worldwide collection of computers that are used to share information amongst each other. These computers are connected to each other through telephone wires, modem, satellite links or other means enabling them to share information amongst each other.

What does Internet provide?

News and Information : Internet provides facility to read different newspapers online and get the information regarding various topics of our interests such as politics, sports, education etc. It also keeps us updated with current events.

Art and Entertainment : Internet allows us to download and purchase various software for art and entertainment such as games, songs, movies, puzzles, jokes, stories etc.

Online Shopping : You can purchase various items like books, clothes, gift items etc. from different e-shops around the world without actually going there.

Mailing letters : Electronic mail is the most popular feature of the Internet. It allows you to send and receive messages. You can also attached pictures, videos, sounds to your email and send it to anyone.

Health and Fitness : You can have an all-time doctor at your service to provide health and fitness information. You can also search for remedies and precautions for different diseases.

Tourism and Travel : Internet provides facility for online booking of hotels, railway tickets, air tickets etc. all over the world and round the clock.

Chatting : This feature allows us to exchange text messages with another person on the Internet.

Banking operations : Now all banking operations can be done right from your home using Internet/E-Banking services.

Video conferencing : Through video conferencing you can communicate with the other person visually. To do video conferencing both the person need to have web cameras.

Internet Terminology

World Wide Web(WWW) : the world wide web is a collection of pages stored on the Internet. These pages may contain text, graphics, audio and links to the other pages and can be accessed by peoples all over the world.

Web Site : Website is just like a book. As a book contains many pages similarly a website consists a number of web pages that holds large amount of information. You can move from one page to another on a website using the hyperlink.

Browser : The software that allows you to view and explore information on the web is called a browser. Most commonly used web browsers are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera browser, etc.

Hotlink/Hyperlink : hotlink is the highlighted text on a webpage, which on clicking connects to your other site or another webpage within the same website.

URL : Each web page has a unique address called uniform resource locator. You can quickly access any webpage if you know its URL.

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