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What is 3D Printing? How it Works?

A 3D printer can't make objects magically on demand. But day-by-day upgrading 3D printing machines begun to revolutionize the business of making things in this real world.

Working of 3D Printer

3D printers come in action by following some computer's digital instructions to "print" make(print) by the use of materials like plastic, ceramics and metal too. 3D printing process involves making an object layer by layer. For instance, few 3D printers eject out a stream of heated, semi-liquid plastic that solidifies as the printer's head moves around to create the outline of each layer within the object.

All instructions followed by 3D printers in form of computer-aided design (CAD) files — digital blueprints for making many kind of objects. A person can easily design an object on their computer, using 3D modeling software, connect the computer to any 3D printer, and the watch the 3D printer making the object in front of you.

History of 3D Printing

Chuck Hull is the inventor of the First Commercial 3D Printer. He offered this printer for sale through his company 3D Systems. Hull's 3D Printer used stereolithography, a technique that uses a laser to solidify an ultraviolet-sensitive polymer material (known as Photopolymer) wherever the ultraviolet laser touches it.

Limitations of 3D Printing

Everything has its own limit. 3D Printers also have some limits. 3D printers can only print anything with a specific material so they can't create complex things like an Smartphone. But the researchers are trying to upgrade the powers of 3D Printers, so they will be able to create such complex things.

Have you ever thought to print a 3D Object. If yes, then tell me what is it, in comments.
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  7. Why doesn't it print a smartphone can we feed all the relevant materials and get a smartphone done.

    1. We can't make a smartphone at present because it's parts are very complex.

      At present it is not possible but many researches are going on.

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