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How Google Search Engine works for providing the most useful results for you.

Internet is now added in our daily routine. We all browse Internet daily through our computer, laptop and Smartphones. If you browse the internet, you probably used Google searching for the information you're looking for. 

You just Enter your keywords and a long list of search results is placed in front of you in just half of a second. Have you thought, How all this works.

In this article, I will be telling you How Google Search Engine works. So, read this full article for knowing How the Google Search Engine actually works.

Let's Begin...

What Happens when you search on Google

Whenever you search for some thing on Google. Then you're actually searching the Google's web index, not the whole web. It means, you're only searching for those things which are known by Google. Google knows about the web pages on the web through their search programs (search bots) known as “spiders”.

What are Spiders? How they works

Spiders are  search programs or search bots which firstly fetches few pages and then go through the links on those pages and fetches other pages. And, by this means they fetches billions of pages daily and store them in Google's index. 

Still confused? Refer to the video at the bottom of the page. This video is from Google's official youtube channel.

When you search for something. The Google shows you the most relevant results to you. There are billions of pages across it's index and from that database, below is the process, that how google decides that, which result to show first.

The process is : By asking questions,

When you search for something on Google, they firstly checks the webpage title s for and then it's url and then in the webpage's body.

After that, they check for the ranking of those web pages and at last they check for the location based results. After that your search results is being displayed. All this process is done within half of a second.

It's Amazing...

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