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Technical Facts 2 : Top 10 Facts related to Technology

Technical Facts

In this article, I am going to tell you Top 10 Facts related to Technology. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter. Let's get started...

  1. Now a days, we are using the pen drives having storage of 32GB and 128GB. But the First Harddisk named IBM 1311 have size of about a Washing Machine and have storage only of 5 MB. So huge!!!
  2. Normally, humans blink their eyes about 20 times but when they are using computer, they only blink for 7 times.
  3. The Windows we all use in our PCs is a project of Microsoft. In the beginning of this project this was named as “Interface Manager”, later on it was changed to “Windows”.
  4. In a month, an average of 6000 computer viruses are developed.
  5. The USB drive which completely damage a computer system is known as USB Killer.
  6. The first 1 GB hard drive was announced by IBM in 1980 which costs about 2 crore rupees.
  7. The 12 Engineers group who development first computer of IBM named as "The Dirty Dozens".
  8. The first microprocessor which was designed by Intel was for a Calculator.
  9. “I love you” is the name of the most dangerous virus still. It was a work, which replicate itself and fill your whole hard drive.
  10. In 1936, Russians made a computer which mainly work on water.
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