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What is a Monitor? Types of Monitors

Monitor is the most common form of output from a computer. In this place information in the cemetery to that phone on a television screen. The picture on a monitor made up of thousands of tiny colored dots called pixels.

Types of Monitors

1. Cathode Ray Tube 

The CRT works in the same way as a television - it contains an electron gun at the back of the glass tube. This fires electrons at groups of Phosphorus dots, which coat the inside of the screen. When the electrons strike the Phosphorus dots they grow in to give colours.

2. Liquid Crystal Display

Liquid Crystal is the material used to create each pixel on the screen. The material has a special property — it can ‘polarise’ light depending on the electrical charge across it. This feature allows the pixels to be created. Each tiny cell of liquid Crystal is a pixel.

TFT(Thin Film Transistor) is the device within each pixel that sets the charge. And so sometimes they called “Liquid Crystal Display” referring to the material is the use all they are called TFT displays referring to that any transistors that make them work. TFT is a variant of LCD Technology.  LCDs use much less power than a normal winter.

3. Plasma monitors

Plasma monitors or PDP (Plasma display panel) are flat panel displays. The plasma technology utilizes same cells containing electrically charged ionized gas is across the face of a Plasma display to collectively from a visual image. 

Plasma monitors are not popular choice as computer mattress because of their expense, weight, power consumption and size. However, they offer a wide range of contrasts and colours and have a long display life so they can be used for years without going dead.

4. Touch screen monitors

Touch screen monitors are built by combining Touch sensitive materials with a durable but sensitive outer material that protects the mitre from fingers but still allows the monitor to detect where a person is pressing his fingers. Touch screen displays are used in tablet PCs check out store terminals and smartphones etc.

5. Organic light emitting display (OLED) monitors

OLED monitors are created from pushing and electronic current through organic materials, causing these materials to blow. By manipulating the materials and the electric current, the globe can be made to be of desired colour.

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