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What is Rooting? How to root your Android device

Rooting Android Phone

Rooting is a process that allows you to get access to all the settings and sub-settings in your android phone, that means you truly owned your phone and now you install or uninstall anything. It’s all like having administrative privileges on your PC. There are many Pros and some Cons of Rooting, so first of all we discuss about them.

Pros & Cons

Rooting means you have your complete control over your smart phone so, you can view or change each and every settings and get access to special apps which are specially designed for rooted phones. These apps include ad-blockers, security and backup utilities. You can also customize your phone with themes, colors, fonts and change button configurations, depends on the rooted OS version you choose.
Cons are very few but so important. Rooting will void your phone’s warranty, no access to certain apps (such as Google Wallet) or killing your phone also, though the latter is very rare.

Rooting your Phone with PC

For Rooting your android phone using your PC, just follow the Step-by-step guide :
Step 1 : Enable USB Debugging Mode on your Android device.
  • To enable USB debugging, Go to Settings > About phone > Built Number . Tap on it 7 times until it shows “You are now a Developer” message. Return to Settings>Developer options > USB Debugging.
Step 2 : Download Kingo Root Windows Application and install it normally in your Windows PC.

Step 3: Once you have Installed Kingo Root App in your Windows PC, you will see a windows similar to this.

Step 4: After connecting your Android smart phone, Kingo Root will install your Device driver for you automatically.
Step 5: Now, Click on ‘Root’ Button to begin the rooting process.
Step 6: Now Kingo Root will automatically Root your phone and install SuperSU.

>>Your Android Device is now Rooted<<


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